Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well that was unpleasant

I'm hoping that maybe the fact that the last IUI was weird and painful means maybe it worked? Because it was miserable.  Cervixes are NOT meant to be lifted - that is what I learned as tears ran down my face and I probably left permanent fingernail indentations in my husband's hand.  I am even more comfortable with my decision now that that was our LAST Clomid/IUI cycle....

So now we're in the two week wait (tww).  I hate the two week wait.  It is just cruel.  There is NOTHING you could be actively doing to get pregnant...but don't know if it worked for TWO WEEKS.  A HALF A MONTH.  FOURTEEN DAYS.  It's way too long.

Here's how the TWW usually goes.
Day 1  - oh, thank God we don't have to have any more sex this month - the rest of it is just for fun
Day 2 - I don't think it worked. No. It probably didn't work
Days 3-13 - Was that a twinge? Am I having mild cramping or is that something I ate... Are my breasts more tender than usual?  To drink that one glass of wine or not... I don't feel different...I'm probably not pregnant.  What if I am pregnant? And so it goes..on and on and on.
Day 13 - (every month so far) Period starts before my pregnancy blood test at the clinic...hopelessness ensues
Day 14 - they MAKE you go get the test...even though you know it's negative - SO aggravating

Start the whole cycle over again.

At least I know I will NOT be riding the Clomid roller coaster again.  Who knows? If Spring ever comes, maybe I'll even get to exercising again...

Starting to research the IVF process/steps/medications for June.  Let me know if any of you have some IVF experiences!

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