Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Well that was a surprise...

Sorry I've been gone so long, but it was really hard to keep a secret!

We got pregnant in April and dodged the IVF bullet!  The only things I did differently - start exercising again and started a baby aspirin regiment, as suggested by a family friend who also went through unexplained infertility.

I'm currently 33 weeks and excited and nervous.  This is not the place for pregnancy talk, but I do think it's important to share that after 2 years of trying, we WERE able to conceive, without ever getting a diagnosis.

Although my doctor dismisses the role baby aspirin might have played, I'm convinced that it made a difference. I took the 81mg of aspirin through the first two trimesters, then weaned it down to every other day, and stopped at about 32 weeks. (My doctor wanted me to stop at 12 weeks, but she wouldn't run the test I wanted for anticardiolipin antibodies, and I wasn't willing to risk it, since the main negative of taking the baby aspirin is bleeding during delivery.)

This will hopefully be the end of this blog - unless we have trouble the next time around.  I'd like to summarize the main things that helped me through the hardest thing I've ever dealt with:

1. An amazing husband.
2. Friends who are understanding/sensitive.
3. My mom and sister.
4. A therapist who specializes in dealing with infertility.*** HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
5. Exercise - once I was able to climb out of the depression enough to do it.