Saturday, January 26, 2013


This is really more of a survival tool than anything else.  We are into our second year of trying to conceive, and just finished our first year within the infertility process.  The hardest part about it all is that we have no diagnosis, everything is within normal range, and there seem to be no more tests to try to possibly ferret out the culprit in our year plus of emotional suffering.  Our doctor said we are "subfertile" since there is no reason to believe we are "infertile" (blocked tubes, anovulation, male fertility issues etc.) but obviously have not conceived in the typical six months of a "fertile" couple.

SUBfertile. I've never been SUB at anything in my life (OK, maybe upper body strength as tested on the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in gym class, and my mile time was also not great).  Generally, if I want to achieve something I make a plan, work really hard, and it happens.  Not in this case.

All the tracking and timing and sex and testing and acupuncture and therapy and now medication with horrible side effects and catheters into the uterus have gotten us nowhere closer to the all-illusive double lines on the pregnancy test.

I guess I'm starting this blog to "come out of the infertility closet" in a way and seek more support from others in this situation.  This has been a HUGE part of our life for the past year and a half - and very few people know what we have been going through.