Monday, February 18, 2013

Travel = 1 perk of not being pregnant (and a good distraction)

So here we are in London! TTC is so life-engulfing that it even made us hesitant to book a vacation-what if we need to do an IUI then? What if I actually get pregnant and feel too awful to enjoy the trip?

February has become the month of fuck it. Business trip during "the window"? Go right ahead! A month off from Clomid? Thank you very much.  Trip to London for a week? You bet!

This break has been so great, mentally and physically (sans Clomid).  In my mind, the last  Clomid/IUI cycle remaining is for insurance and will not work....I am trying to focus on getting everything else in my life on track between now and June, when we will start IVF.

So glad we took this trip!

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